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Guess Who’s BACK?! Nomad’s Back!

So hey, how have you been? Long time no talk. Bet you’ve wondered where I’ve been after almost 2 years, right? Well, I’ve been here, and because some stupid fuck face stole my domain, I’ve had to resort to keeping shit facebooky. I’m happy to say that those days are now behind me, and I’m about to freak your eyeballs with some new bloggy shit.

Here’s a little story I got to tell..

The past 2 years have been crazy. Nomad Alum G-Buttah got busted boinkin himself on the interwebz, so he went full recluse for a minute, but has since recovered. I’m happy to note that we’ve even recorded a couple new tracks in the past year, which are slated for an upcoming release early next year. Former Nomad and Jay-Z/Wocka Flocka love child, Muggz Dynamite had some type of identity crisis and changed his name to Mighty-O, and is now making short rap videos with little-to-no audible lyrics. I’ll tell you what though, he still has that pizzazz.

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You know how we doez it

Anyways, this Nomad has gone full Nomad, and I’ve been on my own for about 2 years handling all of the responsibility of being a 30-something, local rapper. I’ve played about 10 shows in the past 2 years, but I’ve probably thrown 100. Honestly, I like where things are musically.

I’m currently working on a top secret album with a fucking AWESOME producer/DJ, and it’s going to be ridiculous. But that’s enough about me, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about internet pirates who steal domains and happiness. was all mine for 3 years years when it expired. To be honest, I accidentally let it expire when I stopped using the email address that all of my Godaddy updates went to. It was a stupid mistake, but anywho – Some crazy Chinese cyber-hacker swooped in when I lost it and **POOF** shit was his.

From what I could gather, his intent was to sell boner pills and gay porn (not really that far off from our original objective with the site). I sent over a couple hollow cyber squatting threats, he ignored them. I sent over some strongly worded emails, he ignored those too. I pretty much thought that I had lost this domain forever.

In a last ditch effort to restore some balance in the universe, I back-ordered the domain for $29, and totally forgot about it while I focused on different stuff. Then about 5 days ago I got the greatest email ever, it was titled: “NOMADHIPHOP.COM IS NOW YOUR’S”. I was elated. I literally yelled a “FUCK YES!” that echoed through the halls of Vibrant Web (my day job).

I bet you’re all wondering what the point of this post is. Well, the point of this post is to tell you that I will not take this site for granted. I will post whenever I get the chance. I will move back to the #1 spot in google for the term “AZ Hip Hop”. I will share all of my releases on here, and I will keep shit poppin like this dude:

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Stay tuned for more updates and leave a damn comment to let me know you still love me. Sheesh!